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How are we measuring code quality?

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Skilld AI Team

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How does Skilld AI understand code and decide quality?

We are using international standards for evaluations on software quality if applicable - since we are evaluating commits (not everything is applicable) 

We got weighable criteria and the criteria are listed in the backend 

Lets give an example of one of these criteria's

A) Readability

How we measure if the criteria is met?

Readability is checked for

 1. Consistent code styling (there are also code styling standards)

2. Complex code parts are commented (there is also a standard that measures code complexity)

3. Usage of meaningful variable, function, class and method names

4. Nesting depths

5. CodeJargon - are Naming's and domain specific jargon or can everyone read the code 

There are 10 weighted criteria that we have set in what we measure against in the backend. 

This flow ensures that we are checking the code commits against multiple standards and are able to create a realistic skill map of the developer