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About Us

We are a subsidiary of a training firm that collaborates with technology companies to  curate and develop tech talent, fortifying their recruitment channels

Our team has done the heavy lifting in creating a platform for upskilling and making students job ready. We offer the same platform to all our potential academic partners
If you represent an educational institution or a training provider seeking to embed AI into your instructional approach, we invite you to connect with us

Unlocking Student Potential with our AI platform

Empowering Training Providers & Universities

Customise Curriculum

Customise Curriculum: Tailor courses to meet the specific needs of your students and the industries they are preparing to enter.

Skill Evaluation

Provide precise skill assessments to identify each student's strengths and areas for improvement, allowing for personalised learning journeys.

Real-World Experience

Our platform incorporates practical tasks and projects, giving students a taste of real-world scenarios and challenges.

Empowering Educators

Skilld isn't just a tool for students; it's a powerful resource for educators as well.  

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With Skilld, you're not just preparing students for the job market; you're shaping the future of education

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