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Developing employable skills in your students.

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Team Skilld

Academic Team at Skilld 

How is our platform helping Universities and Training Companies?

At Skilld, we pride ourselves on being able to help students get the education and skills they need for their future careers.

We aren't just helping students learn skills – as AI learns more rapidly than traditional methods in terms of processing information, it can also provide students with opportunities that were not possible before.

By embedding our AI into your teaching systems, we can enable your students to develop skills to become more attractive to potential employers

Leave the heavy lifting of building, maintaining and enhancing AI driven applications to us. 

We understand training - that is in our DNA - Skilld AI is a part of Millionlights which is an online university to teach students across technical skills.

How does Skilld help students become more employable?

 AI can help students to develop the skills that are in demand in the workplace.

 For example, Our AI-powered tutor can help students to learn new programming languages, develop their data analysis skills, and much more.

1. Personalized learning: AI can track each student's progress and tailor the learning experience to their individual needs. This helps students learn more effectively and efficiently.

2. Real-time feedback: AI can provide students with immediate feedback on their work, helping them identify and correct their mistakes. This helps students improve their skills more quickly.

3. Access to resources: AI can give students access to a vast library of resources, including articles, videos, and interactive simulations. This helps students learn about the latest industry trends and technologies, and gain the practical experience they need to succeed in the workplace. 

Transform your Learning with AI