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Ship Better Code

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Skilld helps you ship better code

Unlike traditional methods, we analyse employee work results using machine learning and statistical techniques

We specialise in providing advanced AI-driven solutions for personalised learning experiences

This AI-driven approach allows us to offer targeted training that addresses specific areas for improvement, setting us apart from any competitor in the market

Our Technology Partners

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Features of Skilld AI

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Enhance coding skills and performance

Personalised code evaluations and AI-powered learning for Enterprises, Universities, Training Providers and Individuals Programmers

  • Accelerate Learning 
  • Hyper Personalise Learning Paths

  • Improve Code Efficiency 


Personalised Learning Done Right

Improve performance through AI-powered code evaluations tailored to individual learning needs

  • 100% Learning Retention
  • 10X Coding Skills Upgrade
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Frequently asked questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions.

How does code evaluation benefit engineers?

Code evaluation helps engineers improve their skills by providing personalized feedback and guidance on their coding abilities. It allows them to identify areas for improvement and upskill in a targeted manner

What makes your code evaluation process different from others?

Our code evaluation process stands out because it utilises AI technology to offer hyper-personalised learning. This means that engineers receive tailored recommendations and insights based on their unique coding style and skill level

How long does it take to receive feedback on a code evaluation?

The turnaround time for code evaluation feedback depends on the complexity of the evaluation and the number of submissions. However, we strive to provide timely feedback within a reasonable timeframe to ensure engineers can continue their learning journey without delays

Can Skilld AI detect any coding language?

Yes it does.  We can also create courses and bridge your skill gaps in any technology. 

Our phase 1 includes auto course creation and assessments / assignments to make you code better

Is my code evaluation kept confidential and secure?

Your code evaluation is kept confidential and secure. We prioritize the confidentiality and security of your code evaluations. Your code and personal information are treated with the utmost privacy and stored securely. We adhere to strict data protection protocols to ensure your information remains safe

 How can I track my progress and improvement over time?

Our platform provides comprehensive progress tracking features that allow you to monitor your improvement over time. You can view your previous code evaluations, compare your performance, and track your learning journey to see how far you've come as an engineer

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